Englishman in Bangalore

Haobam - Reference image, NOT my picture
Its 2:30pm on the clock, a little drowsy after the lunch. I would have slept on my workstation, hadn’t my mobile phone rang to have a lady on the the other side, “Is this Haaooa baaam”.
Me: “Yes, Its Haobam Martin here.”
Lady: “This is from The Times of India, you’d won a free ticket for tomorrows Sting concert at Palace Ground, Bangalore.”
Me: “Uh!! Oh Thanks”
Lady: “I’m Ruby, you can collect your free ticket, from our MG Road office, 1st floor, before 5:00pm today”
Me: “Thanks”

Me: thinking, which of my friend playing around??

I checked up with the number on my mobile phone, and made another of my friend call up that number. yes it was indeed form Times of India. WOW i got a free pass to the STING concert. Ran off immediately to the Times office, met Ruby and voila, i got it.

I’m an alien
I’m a legal alien
I’m an Englishman in New York

Yes, the Englishman is performing LIVE in Bangalore INDIA, tomorrow 4rd Feb 2005.

Catch up with my update tomorrow evening. If my camera passes through the security, I’ll freeze up STING.

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