Adobe to aquire Macromedia

I’d always thought, what if I could get those images edited in Adobe Photoshop or the vector illustration from Adobe Illustrator could be imported directly to Macromedia Flash. Or those cool video compositions from Adobe After Effects optimize for web, convert to flv and voila. I hate to use Macromedia Fireworks except to create those drop down menus list. Why didn’t Photoshop had to features??

The list unending, for designer like us who’d to shuffle numerous application get things right. So when Adobe announces it decision to acquire Macromedia, does it solves my problem?

Hmmm !! interesting indeed. But then, they said todays enterprises are built out of acquisition. True/Flase. I say wait & watch. But I believe, we’re in for some great new features in all the tools we live-with everyday.

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