Sonic Flare Online

Finally our band site is up & running. I would like to thank our drummer Vinay (Raghavan) for the constant pestering and making my life a living hell for the past one week. But then, I got another site up & running, and I’m really proud of it. So putting it in a better way – Thank you Rags for making the site possible :)

I’ve been playing with these guys since my engineering days in Tumkur. Dumb was the first song that I wrote in my final year in college. Its a nice feeling to look back how Neeraj, Jonks & me start perfecting Dumb with a few chords I’d composed, hmm D-G-Am. Then the 9th & some dim chords thrown in by Neeraj and I forgot the actual chords progression I composed :)

It’s impossible not to shine,
You’re the mirror to your soul

People ask me whats thats. It’s from our new song No Heroes, which I wrote. And it’s the title of our upcoming album.

Check our music at

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