Ticket to Space

Every person, at some point of a time, as a kid, dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Well I ended being a Web designer is another story ;)

Some people like Anousheh travel to space to realize that dream. I followed every entry of her space blog while she was up in space. But then she, reportedly, paid huge amount to book her seat.

Now the good news even lesser mortal, who can shell out a cool $200,000, will be able to experience space, with the new Virgin Galactic – THE FUTURE IS NOW: Booking Open.

And if you heard renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is planning a ride to space, the news might just be true.

As for me I’d to wait till the next celestial rendezvous and hit a jackpot. Wish me luck. And after all, a 2 hr trip is not my liking. Yuk! the grape is definitely sour today ;)

2 thoughts on “Ticket to Space

  1. Have always dreamed of being space bound..But two hour trip sounds too short! And that too for that whooping sum?! Guess i would rather stick to experiencing that feet-not-on-the-ground feeling by sky diving!

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