Flickr Gallery

UPDATE 8 Jan 2008: Pviewer, this is a cool new site not only for your Flickr photos, but also for your photos hosted on Picasa Web. They have not given an option to embed the gallery. But I guess that won’t be far.

Lately I got some mail from some visitors of my Photo Gallery, to help them set up their gallery. Though I’m not a hardcore techie, I’d used Dustin Senos version of Mark Sweeting’s FlickViewer which are built upon AirTight Interactive’s popular SimpleViewer. So it’s a long story and it uses some PHP and Flickr API key. And Thanks Dustin for listing my site in your page.

Now for the less techie who are scared to play around. There are some cool online stuff, which will do the job for you. And all you need to provide is your Flickr ID or number.

Hope you find it useful and let me know if there’s more :)

One thought on “Flickr Gallery

  1. Thanks for the list. I’ll definitely be checking them out. I recognise one or tow of them, but unfortunately lost the bookmarks I had made so I’m grateful that you’ve listed them here and it only requires one bookmark now to have this list. Appreciate that. I’ll definitely be checking these out and seeing if I can get them to work, as I’ve been wanting something like this for quite a while now.

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