São Paulo: City That Said No To Advertising

Photo: Tony de Marco

A city stripped of advertising. I’m not sure, how to react to this article – São Paulo: The City That Said No To Advertising.

The “Clean City” law passed last year by the populist mayor, Gilberto Kassab, stripped the Brazilian city of all advertising. So how’s it looking now?

In a lot of places, Piqueira says, this has led to the removal of posters but not the structures on which they were displayed. “It’s a kind of ‘billboard cemetery’.”

Photographer and typographer, Tony de Marco, has been documenting the new, ad-free world of São Paulo, publishing a sequence of images on Flickr.

At a time when outdoor advertising has become part of the urban landscape. With the amount of visual pollution, or rather an overkill of marketing blitz. Could you imagine New York Times Square without its ads. Or back in Bangalore, it’ll be quite a strange feeling to walk down Brigade Road devoid of its neon lights & ad hoardings.

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