Air Woes

Imphal/Pune Airport

My first visit to Pune, a day trip returning the same day. I’m unable to see the city except for my place of business and, of course, the airport. There was no evening flight flying to Bangalore, so I’d to catch the 5:30pm flight. I’d a rather very hectic day in Pune, coupled that with a skipped lunch, surviving on few mugs of coffee. And the last thing I needed was a delayed flight of 2 hours. The sky was clear, but no sign of my flight, the reason – no place for another flight to park, but the apron has just two plane. And it seems there is already some 3 flight hovering, waiting in queue to land.

Pune, the next upcoming technology destination after Bangalore & NCR (India) hasn’t upgraded. I pray it doesn’t meet the fate of Bangalore, choking at its seams, where the infrastructure can’t keep up with the industry.

I’d put a picture comparing Pune’s airport with my lil town Imphal airport.

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