Humanized… Why Not?

Sometime having to read through the comments makes sense. Smashing Magazine, one of my favorite site, had a post “Productivity Boost: Key Stroke Launchers“. I’m no great fan of utilities… alright, alright I admit, I’ve Yahoo! Widget & Google Desktop. Now, after I went through the post, the first comment was

I think you forgot to include “enso” it’s awesome and it recently moved to freeware

The I scrolled down and saw many visitors commenting about Enso Launcher. Now, more than month after installing Enso, my CAPS LOCK is my new Start button in my WinXP Laptop. Though, in term of frequency it still couldn’t beat the sweet old SPACE BAR I use in Photoshop :)

Thanks people for introducing me to Enso. Now I chant like the comment #57.


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