Boxes of Bloxes

Photo: Scott Robbin @ Flickr

From the people who bought you ENSO. Though not officially announced, another Humanized product, BLOXES. It’s more of a low-tech geek toy rather than any serious ‘building blocks’. But true to it’s name, from computer software to cardboard b(l)oxes, they sure live up to its name.

From their blog,

Bloxes are essentially 3D cardboard Legos that ship flat, and fold up in modular building blocks that are strong enough to stand on. While they aren’t tech per se, we use them for building tables, walls, cubicles, and desks at the Humanized office. Google and have already ordered some, and Mozilla has expressed interest in using them in their offices too.

Catch some ways to use Bloxes in this Flickr group – Flickr: Bloxes!

In another context, looking at some of their works and their philosophy. I won’t be surprised if it goes the JotSpot way. Yep! get acquired by some bigwig firm like Google.

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