Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express
Screenshot: Adobe Photoshop Express Site

I’ve been hearing this for quite sometime, that Adobe is coming out with an online photo editing tool. The day finally came, and if you haven’t seen, you can check out the beta release of Adobe Photoshop Express. It would be unfair to compare this with the full version of Photoshop, its a great utility for people who wish to store & brush up photos online.

Photoshop Express v/s Picnik

Now, the battle heat up. While PS Express lets you import & edit your Picasa, Facebook and Photobucket photos. It’s not surprising to note that the ever popular Flickr is missing. I guess, Picnik smelled whats Adobe’s cooking and teamed up with Flickr. Now you’ve Picnik in Flickr or Flickr in Picnik, beside Picasa, Photobucket etc. Beside that all premium features are now FREE.

I won’t deny that I’m a Photoshop worshiper and it’s my daily bread & butter. PS Express, still in beta looks promising and my test drive was cool. But at the same time, I’ve been a self confessed Picnik addict for the past few months, almost a year.

Here’s my little note and couple of comparison screen shots below.

Adobe Photoshop Express Picnik
Click image to enlarge

  • Beside the usual brightness, contrast basic adjustments. If you’re looking for effects, loves effects like Lomo, Holga, vignette etc. You’ll love Picnik. I swear I love Picnik ;)
  • The slider controls works better for me than the thumbnail previews of PS Express
  • If you’re looking for storage space, PS Express with 2Gb is your stuff.
  • Plus, PS Express, you can have your own profile URL like, which is real cool
  • Looking at the UI, considering first time user & novices. I like the big action buttons like Autofix, Rotate, Crop, Resize etc of Picnik. But I hate the new ad banner, a small price to pay for so much options
  • While I haven’t really tested PS Express interoperability Save options. Picnik’s Save & Share option is one cool feature, expect the annoying password entry, if you aren’t a premium user.

While I’m ‘spreading the love‘ for Picnik. An old timer Adobe product user I’m, will be checking PS Express back. Check this space for future update.

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