Lou Majaw

Low Majaw
Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Bob Dylan turns 67 on May 2008, and Lou Majaw from Shillong, has been celebrating Dylan’s birthday for the past 37 years. Catch The New York Times coverage of the man, the land and the music.

…he laughed aloud at how Mr. Dylan might react to the news. “Who this Lou Majaw is? What’s wrong with him? He doesn’t have better things to do in life than celebrate my birthday?”

Outpost of Rock An Outpost of Rock – narrative audio-visual photo story supporting the article. Photos & audio recording by Ruth Fremson from The New York Times and narrated by Prabhat Sawyan, prominent industrialist and architect of the Ri Kynjai resort.

“God has given us a special gift — the gift of singing” – Rev. J. Fortis Jyrwa of the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Assembly

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