Image: Hasselblad Website

When was the last time you felt you’d seen something and it blows you away. And you felt the urge, specially if you’re blogging or those office water cooler chats, to shout-out-loud that what this stuff is packed with. Offered in 22 and 39 megapixels, Hasselblad are the cameras you stop talking about megapixel and any of those silly little jargons. With it’s history spanning a century & half, that includes the portraits of our planet from space and a moon trip with NASA.

Hasselblad H3D is rumored to have a price tag around $25,000. Its not for everyone or the average consumers, we can call it Rolls Royce of cameras. If you’re those few people to own this camera, you better be making masterpieces not simply take pictures.

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